Whether you are trying to stay motivated in your routine, increase your performance edge, learn new methods to achieve your goals, or structure a new regiment, our Personal Training team is here for you to coach, to shape, to renew.  Our goal is to teach you safe and effective ways to reach your goals while reducing the risk of injury.   Our Personal Trainers have a nationally recognized certification to ensure you get the results you are looking for in a safe, controlled environment.


One-on-One Sessions:
Choose to work with a trainer one-on-one for individualized programming and motivation. Windsoul Wellness Center offers both 1 hour or 45-min sessions that members can choose from. Packages consist of 6, 12, 16, or 24 sessions.

X-Press: (12) 45 Minute Sessions
Want the most out of your workout but don’t have the time?  Want to spice up your fitness routine?  Learn how to maximize results in each 45 minute session.  Train twice a week over the course of six weeks, watch how your body responds! This package is also available for partner training.

Taste of Training: (4) 30 Minute Sessions
This sampler is a great way to get a taste of what personal training is all about. Four sessions, spaced over a period of time, allow you to digest and utilize what you have learned.

TRX: This is the original body weight-based portable training tool that builds strength, balance, flexibility and core stability for people of all fitness levels.

Starter Program:  8 sessions
This program is for fitness enthusiasts between the ages of 12-17.  Whether you play sports or just want to start a fitness program, your trainer will teach you how to execute a safe, fun and effective workout. Each session runs 45-60 minutes.

G-Fit Programs:  (minimum of 3 participants)
Maximize training goals with small group personal training.  G-Fit is an affordable way to work with one of our professional trainers in a small group setting.  If you want big results, try a G-Fit program.  They’re challenging, motivating and fun! We have great programs to fit your needs and schedule.  Groups are limited to six people so there’s plenty of individual attention to go around.

In addition to private training sessions we also offer partner training (2 people).

Circuit X-Press: (Small Group Training)

Circuit X-press is a 6-week, group training program. Each week the workouts change to focus on different fitness related goals, such as endurance, strength, stability, and core. This program is geared toward all fitness levels and is guaranteed to help you get stronger. Participants can choose to commit to one, two, or three day options over the course of the 6-weeks. This is one of Windsoul Wellness Center’s most affordable training options. The group atmosphere is both fun and motivating!

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