Personal Training Sessions are a great way to stay motivated in your exercise routine, increase your performance edge, learn new methods to achieve your goals and structure a new fitness regimen. Our Personal Training team is here to guide you in safe and effective ways to reach your fitness goals.

When you work with a certified trainer, you receive personalized guidance based upon your individual needs, encouragement to stay on track and a knowledgeable coach who will ensure that you can achieve the results you are looking for in a safe and controlled environment.

Personal Training Sessions and Packages:

Windsoul Wellness Center offers Personal Training in one-to-one sessions that can be specialized to a particular goal or circumstance or individualized around more generalized fitness goals that you have set for yourself.  We can also work together with couples or friends in partner training or you can join our weekly small group training Circuit Xpress classes.  We have a variety of options to meet your training needs and budget!

Get Equipped – Learning to Navigate the Fitness Floor: We’ve all had our first day at the gym where we stood wide eyed and thought “what is all this stuff?”  There is no reason to feel intimidated by any of the equipment you find at our Center…Read more here.

Weight Lifting for Better Health: Weight lifting and building muscle is an excellent way to improve your overall fitness.  Lifting weights allows the body to build and maintain muscle mass…Read more here.

Maximize Your Gluteus – for a Healthy Back and Legs:  The group of muscles we call “the glutes” contain the Gluteus Maximus, the largest muscle in the human body…Read more here.

Moving Through Cancer – Exercise and Strength Training Support to keep you fit and feeling strong:   When we consider a cancer treatment plan, exercise may not be the first component that comes to mind for all, but there is a growing amount of research pointing to fitness as a powerful tool…Read more here.

Fitness Nutrition Coaching – Optimized Nutrition for Your Active Life:  If you’re serious about your fitness goals, then you’ll want to get serious about your diet too.  The foods you eat provide the macro nutrients — protein, carbohydrates and fats…Read more here.

Individualized Personal Training Packages:

Choose to work with a trainer one-to-one for individualized programming and motivation. At Windsoul Wellness you can expect your personal training program to begin with a discussion with your trainer, reviewing your goals, challenges and concerns. Together you will map out your current fitness level and create an individualized workout and training regimen that will support you in meeting your personal fitness goals. Individualized sessions are available in 60, 45 and 30 minute durations:

60-Minute Sessions – If you’re ready to commit to your fitness goals and are looking for personalized inspiration and motivation, then these 1-hour sessions will get you on track to your desired results. Your personal trainer will be there to offer support and guidance to build strength, flexibility, balance and a passion for feeling fit. Get ready for real results with a solid fitness plan and regular 60-minute sessions with your personal trainer.

45-Minute Sessions – Experience a complete workout with the one-to-one support of your trainer. These personalized sessions are designed to keep you feeling motivated, energized and safe while keeping you on track with your fitness plan to meet or exceed your goals.

30-Minute Sessions – When your schedule is busy and time is of the essence, these 30-minute sessions can keep you steadily moving toward your fitness goals with the guidance and support of your personal training coach keeping your workouts dynamic and effective.

Partner Training Packages:
Do you have similar training goals as a friend or maybe you want a partner to attack your fitness pursuits with additional support and encouragement? Then hit the training floor and experience the challenge together. Your Windsoul Wellness Personal Trainer will get you both on track to feeling fit, healthy and strong as a team!  These workouts will be customized to meet your mutual goals and keep you smiling and having fun throughout.

It is recommended that your training partner be of a similar fitness level. Both clients are required for each 60-minute session.

Circuit X-Press – Small Group Training:

Circuit X-Press is circuit style training program the meets weekly, focusing on improving strength, endurance, stability, core and improved flexibility. The workouts change from week to week using a mix of equipment.

Visit our CIRCUIT X-PRESS CLASS page for more details and learn how to get your FREE session!

Getting Started Session:

Still not sure if personal training is for you?  Would you love a chance to sit down with a trainer and talk about what your needs are?  Consider the Getting Started session.

Meet for a  30 minute session with a member of our personal training team to discuss your goals, have a tour of the fitness equipment area and learn more about which exercises, equipment will best support your goals and which training program is right for you.

$30/person –  If you schedule this session and then decide to move forward with another training session or package, you’ll receive a $10 credit toward any future sessions!  This is a one-time purchase so please contact us to schedule.

Personal Trainers

ANNA NOVAK: If you’re looking for a trainer who will both motivate and uplift you, then look no further than Anna Novak. Anna’s love of movement, fitness and aerobic exercise began as young as 13 years old when she found herself religiously following the “20 minute workout” shows airing on T.V.

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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image2.jpegJOHN WAGNER: John discovered the path of personal training after his own experience working with a trainer.  Once he began to see the improvements to his own physique, combined with the boost in his overall energy and confidence, he knew he want to share that experience with others.

Click here to read John’s full bio.

Lizz Arigo: Lizz began her journey with fitness and healthy living at the young age of 14 when a medical condition required her to focus on her health and wellbeing. She was able to work with personal trainers who taught her a great deal about safe movement, strength building, flexibility and the importance of healthy living. These practices became a drive and lifestyle for Lizz that has stayed with her to this day.

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Kim Vespucci: Kim has been a personal trainer and nutrition consultant since 2012 and has discovered three of the MOST important components to long term success: Mindset, Authenticity, Value.

Working together, the focus will be on natural and holistic based nutrition to support immunity, muscle repair/growth, weight management, joint support, proper hydration, low inflammatory living and overall improved quality of life.

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