Circuit X-press is a 6-week long, circuit style program that focuses on all fitness goals such as strength, endurance, stability and core that is suitable for all fitness levels!

This is the perfect opportunity to work with one of our certified personal trainers for a custom tailored group workout. Workout routines change weekly with your trainer near-by to provide motivation and support. Participants can choose to participate one or two days per week over the course of six weeks.

The classes will be held outdoors with socially distant spacing that is in accordance with MA state guideline. All equipment will be disinfected before use by each participant. Masks must be worn before and after class while on the facility grounds, but you can remove your mask during class.

Circuit X-Press Class times:

  • Tuesday:
    • 6:00AM with Steve Emerson
    • 6:00PM with John Wagner
  • Wednesday:
    • 9:30AM with Steve Emerson
  • Thursday:
    • 6:00AM with Steve Emerson
    • 6:00PM with John Wagner
  • Friday:
    • 9:30AM with Steve Emerson
  • Saturday:
    • 9:00AM with Steve Emerson

Program Pricing – per six week session:

  • 1 class per week: $89
  • 2 classes per week: $159