tree_of_lifeAt Windsoul Studio Yoga and Healing Center, we are strong proponents of all forms of energy healing, including Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Sound Healing and Intuitive Readings.  These methods aid in clearing blockages from the auric field, to balance the energy of the Chakra centers, and restore the flow of energy within the body.  In short, each of these methods contribute to self-healing.

We offer a variety of reading types, please review the descriptions below to see which reading and reading is the best fit for you:

Psychic Intuitive Readings

Each of us has our own inner guidance to help us along our path in life. This intuition helps to provide us direction in our efforts to create a life of peace, joy and abundance. At times, however, we feel stuck or find ourselves in need of a fresh perspective of our journey. These are the times when a psychic reading can support us in seeing beyond any limiting beliefs we have created of ourselves or challenges affecting our lives.  The following team members are available for these readings:

GAIL LACHS – Intuitive Medium:  Gail is a natural Clairvoyant Medium with the ability to both see and communicate with Spirit.  Gail combines this gift with the use of Oracle cards to reveal the present energy you project and how this mindset is shaping your future.  She strives to help you understand your unique connection to Spirit and the unlimited power within your own consciousness.  Gail will help you to reveal any blocks that need to be addressed and empower you to move forward toward manifesting the future of your dreams.  CLICK HERE to read Gail’s Full Bio.

TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT WITH GAIL choose an appointment duration below to view available appointments:

45-Minute          60-Minute          90-Minute          Reiki & Reading Session

MICHELLE GUILLEMETTE – Psychic Medium:  A gifted psychic medium and clairvoyant empath. She is kind, funny and so very knowledgeable with over 40 years experience as an intuitive reader. Michelle says she was born with the gift of sight. She has been taught and practiced in the old ways and has led teaching lectures to groups on the paranormal, reading auras, helping with illness and finding direction in life. Michelle is well known throughout New England and within the reader community in Salem, MA, providing readings in tarot, tea leaves, palms and mediumship.

TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT WITH MICHELLE choose an appointment duration below to view available appointments: 

30-Minute          45-Minute          60-Minute


STACYLYNN MCGOVERN – Psychic Intuitive:  As an intuitive reader, Stacylynn combines her psychic gifts with a rich knowledge of astrology and the use of Tarot cards to offer you insight and guidance into events happening around you.  Stacylynn uses the Thoth Tarot, a deck that has its origins in 1938.  These cards were gifted to Stacylynn by a renowned intuitive from Salem, MA, long known for its powerful psychic teachers and readers.  She was presented this deck with the instruction to use it to share her intuitive gifts which she does with great warmth, compassion and a vibrant laugh that will light up your day.

TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT WITH STACYLYNN choose an appointment duration below to view available appointments: 

30-Minute          45-Minute          60-Minute

Angel Readings

Angels surround us at all times.  They have infinite compassion for humanity and want only to love, protect and care for us.  These angelic beings are among some of the highest energetic vibration and always come bearing encouragement and positive affirmations for whatever challenges you face.  The lessons the angels provide cover all aspects of human life, but center on spiritual advice and positive guidance.  The following team member is available for these readings:

TeresaTERESA BAKER-OPLAND – Angel Messenger/Intuitive Medium:  A certified Angel Messenger Practioner, Teresa has studied the angels for over 15 years.  Her deep love for the angels and continued faith and study allows her to maintain a high vibration connection to the angelic realm.  Through this powerful connection, Teresa is able to deliver messages of validation, love and spiritual guidance that will help you come to know, love, and accept yourself for who you truly are as you follow your personal path.  CLICK HERE to read Teresa’s Full Bio.  CLICK HERE to make a 45-minute appointment with Teresa

JILL KWITKIWSKI – Angel Healing Practioner and Intuitive:  Jill lovingly brings through messages of Love and Light to support, encourage, and comfort you. Knowing we are all loved unconditionally and guided always buy our Guardian Angels, Spirit guides, and loved ones who have gone before us brings peace and empowerment. Understanding we are all limitless and Divinely connected allows us to see ourselves as our Angels do; beautiful beings of Light and Love on a wondrous journey. Jill’s mission is to assist all who come to her to know the light, love, beauty and strength within. She encourages you to shine your light brightly as you step forth on your path. Jill is a certified Angel Healing Practioner, Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui Tradition, Melchizedek Method IV and Advanced IET Practitioner, as well as a member of the Rise Sister Sisterhood. Come visit her for a moving and uplifting Angel Oracle Card reading session.  (Jill’s regular schedule is temporarily unavailable.  Please contact us directly to make a special request to arrange an appointment with Jill.)

Mediumship Readings

We are all energy, we are all Spirit.  In the human form, our higher self, or our Spirit body, helps to guide us through this life, learning, growing and expanding.  When we pass from this world, we return this gift of our body to the Earth and our Spirit body carries on with all of the memories, experiences and lessons acquired in this plane.  Once we have returned to the energetic state of Spirit, we exist with a higher energetic vibration than that of our former Earthly body.  The beings of this higher vibration sometimes stay close to the earthly plane, watching, guiding and continuing to learn.  At times they even offer signs of their presence in the hope of conveying love and guidance.  At Windsoul, our mediums work diligently to maintain a healthy lifestyle, steadfast in the practices of yoga, meditation, Reiki and Ayurveda.  Through a regular meditation practice, they keep a strong connection to their Spirit Guides and Angels continually cultivating a high-vibration energy within themselves.  This allows them to ensure they connect with your loved ones in Spirit that are of the highest vibration and who come with positive intentions, loving validation and guidance that is of the highest good for all involved.  Our mediums combine this gift with their own intuitive abilities to give you a reading that provides guidance and direction with where you are now in your journey, where you are headed and share any advice and guidance from your Spirit team.  A mediumship reading can be deeply healing and leave you feeling an empowering and positive connection to Spirit.  The following team members are available for these readings:

GAIL LACHS – Intuitive Medium:  Gail is a natural Clairvoyant Medium with the ability to both see and communicate with Spirit.  Gail begins each mediumship reading with a centering process that asks you to invite in your Spirit team and offer your permission to share their messages of validation, love and guidance.  As a medium, she hopes to empower you with the understanding of your own deep connection and relationship to Spirit.  Using her unique gift of sight and connection, she will relay messages of validation and guidance that will demonstrate the many ways in which Spirit stays connected to us and their heartfelt wishes to see us happy, healthy and thriving in life.  CLICK HERE to read Gail’s Full Bio. 

TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT WITH GAIL choose an appointment duration below to view available appointments:

45-Minute          60-Minute          90-Minute          Reiki & Reading Session

TERESA BAKER-OPLAND – Angel Messenger/Intuitive Medium:  Teresa is a deeply empathic intuitive medium who has studied with many leading teachers in this field, including studies at the Arthur Findlay Spiritualist College in England.  As a medium and a healer, Teresa hopes to deliver messages of guidance and love from Spirit that will both inspire and empower you to deepen your connection to Spirit and the energies of the Angelic realm.  It is through these energies and alignment that she will encourage you to shift your perspectives in a positive way to move past any energetic blocks and begin to manifest the brightest future you can envision.  CLICK HERE to read Teresa’s Full Bio.  CLICK HERE to schedule a 45-minute appointment with Teresa


All appointments booked online are hosted at Windsoul Wellness Center in Tyngsboro MA, but can be hosted virtually via Zoom upon request.  If you would like a Zoom reading, book your appointment online.  When you receive your email confirmation, please reply and request a Zoom session.  Our team will reply with the Zoom link and related details.  If you have any questions or require any special arrangements, please EMAIL US.

Pricing for readings is typically as follows unless noted otherwise on your appointment link.  Payment is expected at time of scheduling:

30-Minute Session – $60.00
45-Minute Session – $90.00
60-Minute Session – $120.00
90-Minute Session – $180.00

Combined Intuitive Reading (45 min) with Reiki (25 min) – $150.00

Group Mediumship Reading

Gallery style mediumship readings can be a wonderful and memorable group event.  Guests come together with an amazing joint energy that facilitates the connection to Spirit and allows the entire group to share in one another’s experience.  Our loved ones in Spirit often work together to share messages that are relevant for multiple guests, ensuring that everyone present feels connected and included.  A group reading normally spans 2.5-3 hours.  Your presenter will begin the event with an explanation of what mediumship is and what they can expect during the reading.  The group will then be led through a centering meditation to open and protect the circle.  This will be followed with 2 – 2.5 hours of messages from Spirit, which will be closed with a short gratitude prayer to Spirit and an opportunity for questions.  Our mediums are not able to guarantee a direct message for everyone present in a group reading, but work diligently to ensure that everyone has an experience that reaffirms their own connection to Spirit and leaves them without question that our loved ones in Spirit are safe, happy and watching over us.

Group Galleries can be arranged at our studio or in your home.  You have the choice to work with a single medium, or enhance the group experience with two mediums.  Our mediums work closely together, combining their unique gifts to deliver tandem messages from those in Spirit.  This is an amazing and unforgettable process to watch and will open your eyes to the diverse ways that Spirit connects and communicates with all of us.

A group reading requires a minimum of 8 attendees.  If you are hosting an event in your home, there will be no charge for the host/hostess when they have 8 or more guests plus themselves:

Group Gallery-Style Reading Rates

One Medium:  8 to 12 guests = $45 per person*; 13 or more guests = $40 per person*

Two Mediums:  8 to 12 guests = $60 per person*; 13 or more guests = $55 per person*

*Rates are based on a 20-mile travel radius from Tyngsboro, MA.  Additional charges may apply for further distances, please inquire for details for your location.

If you are looking to arrange individual readings in your home for a smaller group, if you are hoping for a Card Reading Party or you are interested in a group mediumship reading for a larger group, please let us know, as we are happy to make a custom arrangement and quote for your special event!