Hi everyone! Amy here, just your average yogi/mom/crystal enthusiast. Crystals can be intimidating, there’s SO many! Not to mention, each one has a different meaning that completely changes from person to person. This blog was created to help simplify crystals, and show you how I use them in my life, and hopefully I can help inspire others to incorporated them in their lives too.

My crystal journey began at a very young age. I can recall fond memories of watching Jewelry Television with my Grandmother, and discussing various types of gems and stones. When I reached the glory of my teenage years, I was too cool for school, and my love for gems went on the back burner. Saving you from the melodramas of my teenage rebellion, I’ll cut to the chase, I lost my path. After reaching a low point at the ripe age of 20, I began to see how important healthy coping habits and outlets were for me. Right around that same time, I saw a FACEBOOK post titled “Crystals for Depression.” I quickly went to my handy-dandy Amazon account and ordered each one.

When the crystals came, I decided to fully dedicate myself to learning about stones and their healing properties. I took it upon myself to study and spend time with my stones everyday, no matter how crazy I felt, or how challenging it was. What happened next was magic, my life transformed. I was seeing brighter days, feeling good about who and where I was, and the positivity began to flow. Shortly after, I began to practice yoga. My love for crystal and yoga eventually lead me to Windsoul, and the rest is history! It is my intention that no matter where you are in your life, this blog will help you bring positivity, healing and joy into your journey.