Crystals on My Laptop

Woo hoo! I got a new laptop! My first real laptop, and as soon as I brought it home I felt the nervous excitement of being able to work and create my classes on something other than an outdated iPad. I flipped open and began navigating though the set up process. Let’s be clear about something, I am not as technologically savvy as I pretend to be, and was immediately overwhelmed. TIME TO GROUND. After shutting my laptop I grabbed a few stones to help me settle down. What is shown here is red jasper, smoky quartz, clear quartz, calcopyrite and a dried rose. The intentions behind these stones vary, but were all used with the goal of grounding myself and calming my racing mind of how much I had to do, and release the burden of setting up a new computer. Red Jasper is to help me look at things realistically, did all this work have to be done at that exact time? No. Was I able to maybe take care of a few steps in the set up process and finish tomorrow? Yes. The smoky quartz was used to help organize the to-do list that was scrambled in my head, and sort out what was a priority at that moment and what wasn’t. Clear quartz just helps amplify the energy of the other stones here. Finally, the rose and chalcopyrite because they look pretty, and helped serve as a reminder that the bigger picture here is that I got a laptop, and this will help bring new and beautiful opportunities to learn and work.