Crystals on my Windowsill

After dinner is cleaned up, after the baby has had his bath, after pj and bedtime, I enjoy sitting in my favorite chair to relax and talk about the day with my boyfriend. I love looking out the window and seeing the sky change colors with the sunset, and to see my plants and crystals working their magic on my little family. The living room, to me, is a place to unwind and allow ourselves to relax and chat. Plants bring life into my house, they serve as a reminder to me that there is beauty in stillness and quiet moments. These plants stand proudly next to a small collection of stones I use to instill my living room with a calm energy that feels safe and comfortable to be in. The stones shown here are Amethyst, Fluorite, Apophyllite, and Lepidolite.

The intention behind using these stones is to spread calm, compassionate and understanding energy to have open communication. Amethyst helps spread a relaxing, and tension releasing feeling which I find extremely helpful, especially if it has been a particularly busy day. Fluorite can be used for multiple circumstances, but for this particular stone I use as a reminder to calm and center my mind so I can practice active listening during our talks. Apophyllite is used here mainly for setting boundaries. Sometimes if either my boyfriend or I have had a hard day, we tend to direct those tense feelings at each other when talking about what happened. Apophyllite can help it so we, again, only listen rather than taking on the tense energy being spread. Apophyllite also acts as an energy cleaning stone. This can help keep any stagnant energy in the room flowing, and the light glowing. Finally, lepidolite is used to help bestow compassion and understanding while communicating with each other. These are the stones that work for my family in our living room, I hope this gives you some inspiration to add some to your own living room too.