Please refer to the details below regarding our weather closures and cancellations. We will announce adjustments per weather event, but please use these as a general rule if we have not made a post to the contrary.

If Tyngsboro schools cancel due to weather, we will automatically delay the opening of Windsoul and cancel morning classes until 9AM. Emails will be sent out, posts will be made to social media and the online schedule will be adjusted on our website and member app.

We will reassess the weather conditions in the early AM to determine if we adjust the open time earlier or later based on weather conditions.  

If Tyngsboro schools delay opening due to weather, Windsoul will automatically mirror the delay.  If it is a two-hour delay, we will delay opening and cancel any morning classes for two hours from our scheduled open time.

These are general cancellation rules.  There may be times where we feel we can open in the morning even if school has cancelled (i.e.:  school cancels due to a large storm beginning late morning).  In such a case, we may decide to open early and close later.  In that situation, we will notify members by email newsletter a minimum of two hours or more before the Center is scheduled to open.  

In the case of a closure at Windsoul Wellness Center:

  • Class cancellation emails will be sent directly to those pre-registered for classes
  • Closure newsletter emails will be sent to the entire member community with the latest details
  • Posts will be made to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Social media closure posts can be viewed on our website at
  • Classes will be removed from the online schedule and the phone-line daily events listing

Winter weather conditions in this area can change rapidly. We realize that some feel comfortable driving in winter weather conditions, but as a management team, we need to take the well-being of all of our staff and members into consideration, including those who do not feel safe on snowy or icy roads. We also need to allow time for our snow clearing team to clean and salt the parking lot and walkways.

We ask for your patience on the snowy days as we navigate the forecasts and take the action we feel is in the best interest of the entire Windsoul community. THANK YOU!