Weight lifting and building muscle is an excellent way to improve your overall fitness.  Lifting weights allows the body to build and maintain muscle mass as you age, supporting your joints, minimizing injury, increasing balance and enhancing your ability to perform daily activities at every stage of life.

What many of us don’t know is that strong muscles also lead to strong bones.  Strength training not only plays a role in slowing bone loss, there are several studies that show it can even build bone.  When we engage in activities that put stress on our bones, it can naturally stimulate our body’s bone-forming cells into action resulting in stronger, denser bones.  Weight lifting also targets bones of the hips, spine and wrists, reducing the risk of fracture in the vulnerable areas.

In addition to the strength, support and balance we gain from increase muscle tissue, it also uses more calories than fat tissue.  This means that in addition to burning more calories while at rest, adding lean body mass through weight lifting will also naturally boost your metabolism.  Decreased body fat stores also serve to decrease the overall risk of cardiovascular disease and cancers, increase energy and improve hormone balance among many other benefits.

Weight lifting can truly improve our health for the long term and you need not be intimidated by the long racks of dumbbells, weight machines or the squat rack that you see at our center.  Instead, schedule a session with one of our certified personal trainers and get excited about how quickly you will be able to learn about this great equipment and how amazing you are going to feel in your body!  Our trainers will educate you in exercises that you can optimize under their guidance and then include in your own regular workouts.

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If you’re interested to build an on-going training routine for yourself, our team of trainers are here to help!  We offer THREE, SIX or TWELVE Session Personal Training packages in 30-, 45- or 60-minute sessions that work around your schedule.  Visit our PERSONAL TRAINING PAGE for more information or to enroll in one of these packages.