When we consider a cancer treatment plan, exercise may not be the first component that comes to mind for all, but there is a growing amount of research pointing to fitness as a powerful tool to improve physical and mental health at every phase of cancer treatment.  Even if you were not active before your diagnosis, working with a personal trainer to create an exercise program that meets your unique needs can help you to get moving safely and successfully. 

Engaging in a well-designed exercise plan during and post cancer treatment can serve to decrease physical side effects such fatigue, neuropathy, lymphedema, osteoporosis and nausea.  Regular physical activity may also reduce the risk of depression and anxiety, prevent muscle loss and keep you as mobile and independent as possible.  Not to mention the boost we give our lymphatic system and immunity through movement and activity. 

When you work with Personal Trainer and Fitness Specialist, Anna Novak, you will find the support and compassion of a cancer survivor who attributes her dedication to fitness and movement during her cancer treatment as a key component to her successful battle with cancer.  Schedule a Moving Through Cancer training session with Anna to get started with a individualized movement program.  She will discuss your special circumstance and goals and whether regular training sessions or a personalized self-guided workout plan is best for you.

“If we could write a prescription for exercise, if we could bottle it in a pill, we’d be prescribing it for all of you. Physical activity can reduce death from breast cancer by about 40% in early stage patients. It has the most powerful effect of any lifestyle factor.”

  • Dr. Julie Gralow, Fred Hutch / SCCA / UW physician-scientist

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If you’re interested to build an on-going training routine for yourself, our team of trainers are here to help!  We offer THREE, SIX or TWELVE Session Personal Training packages in 30-, 45- or 60-minute sessions that work around your schedule.  Visit our PERSONAL TRAINING PAGE for more information or to enroll in one of these packages.