The group of muscles we call “the glutes” contain the Gluteus Maximus, the largest muscle in the human body.  It may go by many names from booty, butt and derriere to backside, bum and keister, but no matter what you call it and regardless of whether your goals are aesthetic or athletic, glute strength training has huge benefits for your overall health.

Strong glutes are essential to lower back health.  When your glutes are strong, you have more stability and support for your lower back, pelvis and extremities.  This stability is important because your lower extremities function in a closed chain, which means if something goes wrong in the ankle, it can cause issues at the knees or hips.  The same happens in the reverse.  Weakness and instability in the glutes and around the hip contribute to excessive force on the knee and ankle.  These forces can cause excessive medial rotation of the femur and lateral patellar tracking, which is a common source of knee pain.

Overall, improved gluteal strength assists us in our athletic pursuits with heavy lifting, forward propulsion, acceleration and jumping, among other movements.  In our day to day life, we see improved balance and stability, and a reduced risk of injury to the lower back, hips, knees and ankles.

Schedule a  60-minute personal training session with Glute Specialist Lizz Arigo to learn more about exercises you can do to help build the dynamic derriere that will serve to support your back, hips and legs to keep you feeling like the strongest and healthiest version of you.

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