We’re delighted to share with you that the state has begun to lift the mandated business closure for fitness centers and yoga studios and we will begin a soft-opening effective Wednesday, July 8th.  The Governor’s office has issued severe restrictions for fitness facilities and we have been working diligently within those guidelines to create an environment where our members can feel safe and comfortable while exercising.  Read below for the details:

IF YOU REQUESTED A MEMBERSHIP HOLD DURING THE CLOSURE, the hold will be released effective Wednesday July 8th.  If you are on hold and you are not yet ready to come back to the center, please reach out to us and we can extend the hold for you upon request if you tell us what date to end the hold.

IF YOU WERE A PROGRESS FITNESS MEMBER AND HAVEN'T ACTIVATED YOUR MEMBERSHIP WITH WINDSOUL YET, we are extending the activation window through Monday July 13th to guarantee your legacy membership rate.  After July 13th, any former Progress memberships will be closed.  Please contact us if we can be of assistance with this process.  

Group Fitness, Yoga and Barre Classes
Under the new guidelines, participants in an INDOOR class must remain 14 feet or more apart.  This spacing severely limits how many members can participate in a single class.  For this reason, there will be limited indoor classes offered and pre-registration will be required for indoor classes.
OUTDOOR classes will continue through the summer months.  Classes are scheduled in the early morning or evening to provide a safe and comfortable exercise experience at the cooler times of the day.  All members are eligible for outdoor classes, but we encourage you to register early as they fill quickly.  
Fitness Center
The State has issued the following requirements for fitness facilities during this phase 3, step 1 re-opening:    

  • Locker rooms will be closed.
  • Shower areas will be closed.
  • Saunas will be closed.
  • Water fountains/bubblers are closed, but you can refill water bottles at the hands-free filtered water bottle filler stations throughout the building.
  • Members and staff must be masked when moving about the center.
  • Alcohol based hand sanitizer and wipes are available throughout the center.
  • Staff will receive daily health and temperature screens.
  • All high touch areas will be routinely sanitized throughout the day.
  • Members must remain a minimum of 14 feet apart during physical activity, unless from the same household.  This applies to both the fitness area and indoor classes.
  • Masks are not required during exercise, provided that participants are all at least 14 feet apart from one another.
  • All equipment must be sanitized between each use and marked as cleaned.  You will be asked to remove the “cleaned” marker before using the equipment so our staff can clean it after use.

In order to provide a safe and comfortable fitness experience, we have divided the fitness floor into “socially distant workout zones.”  Each zone has been color coded for easy identification on the fitness floor.  Some equipment has been blocked off with red tape to indicate it is not available for use in order to create 14 foot spacing between zones.  

We have a limited number of zones and times each day, so reserving of the zones and times are essential to ensure that you will be able to secure a workout time.  This can be done on the smartphone app "Zen Planner" or at our website in the Booking Page.  You can also find a complete listing of the equipment in each zone below and in our online calendar.

Please note that up to 3 members of the same household may workout in one zone together at one time.  One member can make the reservation and the additional members must check in at the front desk upon arrival.     

Thank you for your patience and cooperation with these new protocols as we work to abide with the restrictions currently set in place by the state.  Please know this will be temporary and that we will notify you as soon as we are able to increase the number of people in the gym working out at one time, as well as expand the indoor group classes and open the showers and other amenities.  We're excited for this first step toward re-opening and looking forward to seeing you!

Click here to view the workout zones that have been setup in the center.