Stacylynn McGovern

Psychic Intuitive Tarot Readings


Stacylynn is a vivacious and joyful soul, who will greet you with warmth and surround you in contagious laughter that is sure to bring a smile to your face. As a powerful and compassionate intuitive, she combines her psychic gifts with a rich knowledge of astrology and the tarot to offer you insight surrounding the events that are going on around you, and extend guidance and reassurance about the next steps on your journey. It is with great caring and concern that Stacylynn sets the intention for each intuitive session to be a healing experience that will help you to gain perspective on your current situation and be able to move forward with renewed inspiration, clarity and confidence.

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Michelle Guillemette

Psychic Medium and Tarot Readings

Michelle is a gifted psychic medium and clairvoyant empath. She is kind, funny and so very knowledgeable with over 40 years experience as an intuitive reader. Michelle says she was born with the gift of sight. She has been taught and practiced in the old ways and has led teaching lectures to groups on the paranormal, reading auras, helping with illness and finding direction in life. Michelle is well known throughout New England and within the reader community in Salem, MA, providing readings in tarot, tea leaves, palms and mediumship

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Diane Vandette

Aura/Chakra Photographs

The aura is an electromagnetic energy field around each person. Auric vibrations embody radiance and sound in a variety of frequencies, which reflect your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state. Aura/Chakra Photos give you an in-depth look at your auric layers and chakras as they reflect what is presently happening in your life. At times, these photos may also capture guides or angelic energies that stay close to you.  Come meet our Diane Vandette of Aura Vista Healing to have your own Aura/Chakra photo. Diane is a powerful healer who will welcome you with kindness and warmth, as she demonstrates how this technology works, what your photo says about you and provides you with a 3-page analysis report to take home with your photo (at the time of your reading, you will also have the option to upgrade to a 22-page in-depth analysis report for an additional $25).

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Jill Kwitkiwski

Angel Healing Oracle Readings

Jill lovingly brings through messages of Love and Light to support, encourage, and comfort you. Knowing we are all loved unconditionally and guided always buy our Guardian Angels, Spirit guides, and loved ones who have gone before us brings peace and empowerment. Understanding we are all limitless and Divinely connected allows us to see ourselves as our Angels do; beautiful beings of Light and Love on a wondrous journey. Jill’s mission is to assist all who come to her to know the light, love, beauty and strength within. She encourages you to shine your light brightly as you step forth on your path. Jill is a certified Angel Healing Practioner, Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui Tradition, Melchizedek Method IV and Advanced IET Practitioner, as well as a member of the Rise Sister Sisterhood. Come visit her for a moving and uplifting Angel Oracle Card reading session.

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Janine Sousa

Psychic Intuitive Readings

Janine is a healer with a passion for helping others reach their highest level of well-being.  She joins us with 35 years of experience in the metaphysical and healing arts with a lifelong dedication to supporting others to gain a better understanding of the divine energy and connection that unites us all.  A session with Janine will focus on Soul Level Healing work that is intended to help you move past energetic obstacles in your path to find a renewed level of clarity, direction and peace of mind.  She is sure to offer you a fresh perspective of your journey to leave you feeling empowered and confident about your choices ahead. 

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Mac Newman

Intuitive Medium and Tarot Readings

Mac Newman is a powerful intuitive who practices where therapy meets shamanism. He has been providing tarot and intuitive readings since 1974, and compassionate guidance and therapy professionally since 2012. He is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Massachusetts, a Certified Medium with The National Spiritual Alliance in Lake Pleasant, MA, an accomplished hands-on healer, and a practitioner of sacred ceremony. With compassion and clarity, Mac will provide insight and guidance to help you move forward in your life and personal process in the best way possible.

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Tatiana Bobr

Certified Angel Guide and Card Readings

Tatiana is a Certified Angel Guide, Angel Card Reader and Reiki Master who enjoys holding a sacred space of empathy and grace for others to feel comfortable and empowered in finding and shining their own inner light.

In 2015 Tatiana realized her true calling and began her formal training in healing modalities. She continues to dedicate herself to her own spiritual development and healing. Tatiana has overcome corporate burnout, no longer worries about fitting into social norms and has embraced her true self. Her mission is to help others to do the same. Tatiana’s clients love her down-to-earth attitude and sense of humor.

All proceeds from Tatiana’s work currently go to her favorite charity, Sweet View Farm, a small animal sanctuary which is a very happy home to rescue animals – 2 miniature horses, 3 goats, 12 chickens and 3 Beagles.

“My angel card reading with Tatiana helped me to broaden my view on some challenges I was facing my life, which allowed me to let go of trying to control situations and shift my perspective on them. The experience was both personally empowering as well as spiritually enlightening. Tatiana is a genuine, honest, intuitive, beautiful soul.” – L.B., July 2019

“My reading with Tatiana was the first one I had ever received. I went into it a little nervous, and within moments of sitting down with her I felt completely at ease. It was a gift to feel that space was being held for me in a purely loving and kind way. I was amazed at the messages and insights that came through her reading, and they have remained as strong beams of light and support in the months since. I will definitely be returning to Tatiana again!” – C.A., August 2019

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Rebecca Coughlin

Palmistry and Oracle Card Readings

Have you ever wondered about all of those lines on your hand? They tell the unique story of you! Palm Reading is the art of interpreting the lines, mounts and markings on the palm of the hand. This can also include the fingers, overall hand shape, and fingerprints.

Palm reading is about discovering who the true you is. It tells you about the person you are at the time of the reading. It can give you clues into your past and future possibilities. It can help you to decide if you want to continue or change the path you are currently on.

The 3 Major Lines of the Palm are: The Life Line: This is your energy, vitality, health, and physical well-being. The Head Line: This is the line that encompasses mentality, creativity, crown chakra, intuition, and psychic abilities.The Heart Line: This is the line that encompasses emotions, relationships, and all things related to the heart.

Using her Spiritually Guided and Heart Centered intuition, Becky uses Palm Reading to help people understand who they are innately, who they have become, and where they may be headed. She shares her gifts with others to help them be the best person they can be. Becky has studied multiple metaphysical modalities, which combined, creates a one of a kind reading.

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Amy Ruffiange

Crystal Power Intuitive Readings

Crystals have a powerful gift to reflect our own mindset and emotions back to us.  These beautiful and ancient stones are a gift of the earth and carry her strong energy and deep wisdom.  A Crystal Power Intuitive Reading is intended to evaluate where you are in your personal life cycle through the ways in which you resonate with the unique vibration of the crystals.  This can help you to better see your current energy and what is in need of balancing and healing within you.  Through this insight, you can better understand which stones you may need to wear or place in your surroundings to support your intentions for balance, healing and manifestation in all areas of your life. 

Amy is a truly heart-centered healer whose kindness and empathy are one of her strongest attributes.  Her enthusiasm for the benefits of Reiki, yoga, meditation, crystals and gemstones are as contagious as her unquenchable desire to continue her learning about them.  Amy’s studies have brought her a deep passion for crystal-healing grids, which she incorporates into her Crystal Reiki Healing Sessions.  Also a Master Level Reiki practioner, Amy uses these powerful crystal grids on and around her clients to create a deeply special and memorable healing experience each time you visit with her.

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