Join us as we come together for a psychic fair to support Gail Lachs on her journey through cancer. As you may know, Gail was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer in February of 2022. Many members of the community have reached out wanting to help our friend and mentor, Gail. Some of Gail’s friends helped establish a GoFundMe page, but we wanted to do even more to support this cause. That’s why 100% of the proceeds raised from this psychic fair will go to Gail, her family and recovery. The minimum donation for these 20-minute sessions is $45, but the option to donate more is available. We are beyond grateful for each donation we receive.

We strongly recommend booking in advance of the event as these sessions sell out quickly, call us at 978-649-5900 or email us at with any questions or if you need help booking.

WELLNESS FAIR INTUITIVE READINGS: Readings are the opportunity to sit with members of our Intuitive Reading Team for short intuitive insight and guidance. Read more about each intuitive below and click the link below the bio’s to schedule your appointment.

Kathy Hilton – Intuitive Readings:  Kathy is an intuitive energy healer and a channel for spirit. From an early age she could sense and hear spirit. Having health challenges led her down a road of self reflection and healing. During yoga teacher training Kathy learned and began practicing Reiki. A short while later a friend mentioned Craniosacral therapy, a gentle hands on therapy to release restrictions in the body. She began taking CST classes and was hooked on the healing. Kathy believes we each hold within the wisdom to heal ourselves. As both a Reiki and Craniosacral therapy practitioner, she enjoys helping others tap into their own healing ability. See above to book a 20 Minute Reading at the Psychic Fair with Kathy

Jen Costa – Mediumship Readings: Jen started her mediumship journey unexpectedly in 2017, when she started meditating. Prior to this she was working in a corporate career feeling unfulfilled. A few months later she saw an apparition in her room which led me to search for a local medium to help explain what was happening. Shortly after, she ended up in her first mediumship development class and hasn’t looked back since.

Mediumship has helped her heal in ways other modalities couldn’t and has shown her that we aren’t as alone as we think. If you told her that one day she would be a medium she would never have believed you. Sometimes she still doesn’t believe it myself. It has not been an easy road to get where she is, but one that she would choose again knowing what she know now. Jen dislikes labels and putting herself in a box but you could also say she is a a mom, sister, graphic designer, former police officer, member of the LGBTQ+ community and also, a medium. See above to book a 20 Minute Reading at the Psychic Fair with Jen.

Crystal Carden – Intuitive Readings: Crystal’s journey to spiritual healing has been one full of self-discovery and surrender.  She turned to yoga in 2018 after attending an outdoor class, and after feeling a “Universal nudge” to dive deeper into the yogic philosophy, she completed her 200-Hr Yoga Teacher Training at Windsoul Wellness Center. She went on to start her own business, Branches & Co. Through this she offers yoga, meditation and bonding events to amazing souls in her community that are looking for a safe space to heal & grow, all while wanting to build the same meaningful relationships that she did.  Shortly after, she began to expand her spiritual abilities in intuitive development classes and circles where she continues to study mediumship, oracle reading and manifesting.  All of this has helped her deepen her understanding of her psychic abilities and how to enlighten others to their spiritual healing. Her favorite type of sessions are the ones where she can initiate a heart connection with her client, igniting the flow of Spirit to open their eyes to possibilities and growth that they didn’t even know they needed. Crystal believes fully in the power of the Universe, so if you end up in a session with her in the safe and beautiful space she is holding for you, know that it wasn’t by chance. See above to book a 20 Minute Reading at the Psychic Fair with Crystal.

Sharon Reed – Intuitive Readings:  Since she was a small child, Sharon has believed that there is more to this life than meets the eye, that we are surrounded by the powers of the Universe; what some might call Source, or gods, or Spirit, she experienced as the energies that gently (or not so gently) guide us through life and influence the world around us. After many years exploring alongside wonderful teachers, it now brings her the greatest joy to be able to lean on the Universe and connect with those energies in order to help others through energy healings, psychic readings, and mediumship. Sharon is a Reiki Master Teacher, a yoga teacher, and an editor of esoteric books, and is pursuing a master’s degree in mental health counseling. Her healings and readings are down to earth—skeptics welcome! She has been known to be one herself—as well as compassionate and uplifting. Her heart-centered approach to all she does shows in every facet of her work. See above to book a 20 Minute Reading at the Psychic Fair with Sharon.

Teresa Baker Opland – Intuitive Readings: A certified Angel Messenger Practitioner, Teresa has studied the angels for over 15 years. Her deep love for angels and continued faith and study allows her to maintain a high vibration connection to the angelic realm. Teresa is a healer, intuitive medium, and compassionate person who understands what it means to live a life of service. As a proud member of our active military, Teresa believes in bringing the core values of integrity, service-before-self and honor into all that she does. See above to book a 20 Minute Reading at the Psychic Fair with Teresa.

Rose Retelle – Intuitive Readings: From a very young age Rose remembers seeing Spirits in her home. It was not something she was ever comfortable discussing with anyone in my family. She would lay in my bed at night with the covers pulled over her head begging them to leave her alone. By the time she was a teenager they finally did. Rose had set up so many walls and defenses that not only could she no longer see Spirits, but she had lost herself. During that time she developed severe anxiety and an eating disorder. It was her way to cope with not feeling comfortable with who she was. By the time she was in college, she was down to severely underweight and began to have panic attacks and developed an ulcer. It wasn’t until her 30’s that she finally began to accept this calling and she swore that her goal would be to help people so that they would not have to go through what she did. See above to book a 20 Minute Reading at the Psychic Fair with Rose.

PSYCHIC FAIR REIKI APPOINTMENTS: Reiki  is a hands-on energy healing technique for stress reduction and relaxation that works with the body’s own energy to promote self-healing.  A Reiki healing session is soothing to the nervous system, helping to reduce stress and anxiety and strengthen our parasympathetic response to future stresses.  Reiki energy clears and heals the energy pathways, allowing life force energy to flow in a healthy and natural way.  

Sherida Welch “Rara” – Reiki Master: Sherida is deeply passionate about helping others find their inner joy and highest selves. She uses yoga, reiki, meditation, sound healing, essentials oils and crystals to assist her students in their healing journey inward. She is influenced by her love for music and its healing effects on the mind and body and by her gained insight into weight management and self-acceptance. She aims to promote peace, gratitude and self-love within each of her students. In her yoga classes she encourages students to accept and be thankful for where they are today in their practice. Through posture modifications, guided meditation, and mindfulness practices she guides student to find their balance, build self-confidence, practice being present in the moment, and maybe even get a little playful! Sherida’s goal is to create an inclusive, safe and fun environment for all and she considers her work with her students an honor and privilege. See above to book a 20 Minute Reiki Session at the Psychic Fair with Sherida.

Katie – Reiki Practitioner: Yoga found Katie at the young age of 14, hot yoga was the first class she had taken and immediately fell in love with the practice. Through the years, she has learned that yoga is beyond asana, and has opened her heart to many mindful practices. Katie spends a lot of her time studying yoga, energy, quantum physics, spirituality and nutrition. She recognizes the power of energy, and has devoted her life’s work to elevating the energy around her to a frequency of gratitude. Katie Riley is a 200hr yoga teacher and Level 2 Reiki practitioner, certified through Windsoul’s programs. She teaches multiple styles, Kids yoga, Chair, Vinyasa, Restorative, even Goat Yoga. Lead by love, she is here to guide you to your authentic self, the limitless being that is you. See above to book a 20 Minute Reiki Session at the Psychic Fair with Katie.

GALLERY WITH LAUREN RAINBOW : Lauren Rainbow is an internationally known evidential medium, inspirational and sometimes funny storyteller, and a world-touring spiritual travel guide. Join us as we welcome Lauren for this special event where she will share evidential and heart-centered messages from your loved ones in Spirit.

In her signature style of mediumship Lauren creates connections for audience members that are sure to bring tears of joy, lots of laughter and leave you with the life affirming reminder that love is eternal.

Every ticket bought will go towards supporting Windsoul’s owner, Gail Lachs as she continues on her journey through Glioblastoma brain cancer and towards her recovery. We are grateful for each donation we receive as we help Gail reach her goal and beyond.

PLEASE NOTE: Purchasing a ticket to this event does not guarantee a direct reading. This is a 90-min session.