TRX workouts are for great everyone, no matter what your fitness level.  They offer all of the benefits of traditional strength training but with lower risk for injury.  Suspension training exercises are easy on the joints and can be easily modified to accommodate every experience level, allowing you to safely work on mobility and flexibility while building strength.  Plus there are so many TRX exercises, at such a variety of progression levels, that you’ll always have a fresh fun workout with new ways to challenge yourself.

If you have limited time for your workouts, the TRX is a great choice then too.  Since suspension training works on strength, balance, flexibility and core stability all at once, you can experience a great total body workout in a fraction of the time of a regular weight lifting session.

Schedule a TRX Suspension Training session with trainer Steve Emerson.  Steve has been working with and teaching TRX fitness workouts for the past 12 years.  Let Steve introduce you to this versatile training tool and help you to create the perfect TRX workout program to compliment your body, your lifestyle and your fitness goals.

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If you’re interested to build an on-going training routine for yourself, our team of trainers are here to help!  We offer THREE, SIX or TWELVE Session Personal Training packages in 30-, 45- or 60-minute sessions that work around your schedule.  Visit our PERSONAL TRAINING PAGE for more information or to enroll in one of these packages.