Come join us at Windsoul Wellness Center for this fun annual event!  There will be lots to do and see so be sure to mark your calendar to attend!

The Soul Shop will be open so you can shop our gorgeous hand-picked selection of crystals, jewelry, incense, candles, oils, oracle cards, books, gifts and more!

Browse a unique collection of products from select local artisans also!

Schedule an appointment to experience a Healing Massage or Reiki Session with our practitioners

WELLNESS FAIR MASSAGE THERAPY APPOINTMENTS:  Licensed Massage Therapist, Jillian Valdes, will tell you that our fast paced lives often make it difficult to slow down, and connect the body and mind to recognize where we are feeling tension in our body.  Jillian strives to help others find healing, relaxation and peace of mind in her care. She is a gentle, kind soul with a calming presence that will help to put you at ease.

CLICK HERE to book your 20-minute massage therapy session with Jillian for $25 on 10/02/2022 (these abbreviated sessions will be fully clothed massages)

WELLNESS FAIR REIKI APPOINTMENTS: Reiki  is a hands-on energy healing technique for stress reduction and relaxation that works with the body’s own energy to promote self-healing.  A Reiki healing session is soothing to the nervous system, helping to reduce stress and anxiety and strengthen our parasympathetic response to future stresses.  Reiki energy clears and heals the energy pathways, allowing life force energy to flow in a healthy and natural way.

Sharon Reed – Reiki Master: A naturally giving, empathetic and patient human being who has a passion for learning, self-reflection, and healing. Whether it’s yoga, reiki, or herbalism, Sharon has dedicated a large portion of her life to expanding her own knowledge in multiple different healing modalities.

Kathleen Hilton – Reiki Master: A warm, gentle, intuitive soul who has a natural gift for healing.  She will put you at ease and have you feeling balanced and relaxed, even if it is your first Reiki experience.

CLICK HERE to schedule your 20-Minute Reiki Session with Sharon or Kathy for $25 on 10/02/2022

WELLNESS FAIR INTUITIVE READINGS:One of the most popular offerings available at our Wellness fairs is the opportunity to sit with members of our Intuitive Reading team for short readings.  These readings are $40 for 20 minutes.  Read more about each intuitive below and click the link below the bio’s to schedule your appointment.  Keep an eye on our events page for dates when you can book longer readings at the center.

We strongly recommend booking in advance of the event as these sessions sell out quickly.

Stacylynn McGovern – Psychic Intuitive:  Stacylynn is a vivacious and joyful soul, who will greet you with warmth and surround you in contagious laughter that is sure to bring a smile to your face.  As a powerful and compassionate intuitive, she offers you insight surrounding the events that are going on around you, extending guidance and reassurance about the next steps on your journey.  It is with great caring and concern that Stacylynn sets the intention for each intuitive session to be a healing experience that will help you to gain perspective on your current situation and be able to move forward with renewed inspiration, clarity and confidence. See below to book a 20 Minute Reading at the Wellness Fair with Stacylynn.

Michelle Guillemette – Psychic Medium:  Michelle has been reading for over 40 years. As a gifted psychic medium, a clairvoyant empath, Michelle says she was born with the veil, the gift of sight, into the house of the craft, with practice of the old ways. She has led teaching lectures to groups on the paranormal, reading auras, helping with illness and finding direction in life. Michelle is well known throughout New England and within the reader community in Salem, MA, providing readings in tarot, tea leaves, palms and mediumship. See below to book a 20 Minute Reading at the Wellness Fair with Michelle

Teresa Baker-Opland – Psychic Medium:  A certified Angel Messenger Practitioner, Teresa has studied the angels for over 15 years.  Her deep love for angels and continued faith and study allows her to maintain a high vibration connection to the angelic realm.  Teresa is a healer, intuitive medium, and compassionate person who understands what it means to live a life of service.  As a proud member of our active military, Teresa believes in bringing the core values of integrity, service-before-self and honor into all that she does. See below to book a 20 Minute Reading at the Wellness Fair with Teresa Baker-Opland

Rose Retelle – Psychic Medium: From a very young age I remember seeing Spirits in my home. It was not something I was ever comfortable discussing with anyone in my family. I would lay in my bed at night with the covers pulled over my head begging them to leave me alone. By the time I was a teenager they finally did. I had set up so many walls and defenses that not only could I no longer see Spirits, but I lost me. During that time I developed severe anxiety and an eating disorder. It was my way to cope with not feeling comfortable with who I was. By the time I was in college, I was down to 90 pounds and began to have panic attacks and developed an ulcer. It wasn’t until my 30’s that I finally began to accept this calling and I swore that my goal would be to help people so that they would not have to go through what I did.

Kristen Stefiuk – Psychic Medium:  Kristen is an intuitive empath who strives to help people overcome life’s struggles and connect with their loved ones here and on the other side. Through the use of crystals, oracle cards and her intuitive guidance, Kristen hopes to guide, support and teach you the tools you need on your self-healing journey. Her training as an Advanced Angel Practitioner, Reiki Master, Angelic Medium and Soul Ascension Therapist helps Kristen stay in tune with her own intuition and higher power, supporting her ability to tap into the support and guidance that can help others tap into their body’s innate ability to heal, and awaken their mind, body and soul. See below to book a 20 Minute Reading at the Wellness Fair with Kristen Stefiuk

Sarah Hale – Psychic Medium: Sarah strives to deliver grounding and heartfelt readings and messages from spirit. She is a psychic intuitive and has been practicing various types of energy work for the last ten years. She loves to combine tarot/oracle cards, astrology and mediumship to provide a holistic energetic picture. Sarah reads from her heart, infusing lightheartedness, practicality and humor into her sessions.  See below to book a 20 Minute Reading at the Wellness Fair with Sarah Hale

Cheryl Bradley – Psychic Medium:  Cheryl Bradley was born a medium and feels most blessed when spirit channels messages of love, guidance, acknowledgment that we do not walk alone in this lifetime. Her readings are rooted deeply in Spirit which grant this special time to ask the Universe for anything you need a message or guidance on.  She views herself simply the vessel that sees, hears, and feels their message and delivers this love to you.

CLICK HERE to book a 20 minute intuitive reading with one of the above readers for $40 on 10/2/2022.