Saturday, October 30th from 2:00-6:00pm

Come and join us for this fun annual event!  There will be lots to do and see so mark your calendars today to attend!

Shop a unique collection of products from local artisans.
Browse our onsite Soul Shop for unique new age gifts, crystals, gemstones, jewelry and more.  
Enjoy samples from our smoothie bar.
Experience Reiki Healing or Reflexology.
Schedule an intuitive reading (details below).

Meet our on-site hypnotherapist.
Take a tour and Win some great prizes!
Join the Windsoul community and make some great new friends.

As if all of this wasn’t enough, there will be free raffles, give-aways and exclusive Windsoul Wellness Fair discounts!  Its going to be a great day and we can’t wait to see you there!


As part of this special event, members of our Intuitive Reading team will be on-site for readings.  These readings are $40 for 20 minutes.  Read more about each intuitive below and click the link in their bio to schedule your appointment.  Keep an eye on our events page for dates when you can book longer readings at the center.

Here is a sneak peek at some of the intuitives who will be there!  Take this opportunity to book your session now and stay tuned as we add more intuitives to our list.

Stacylynn McGovern – Psychic Intuitive

Stacylynn is a vivacious and joyful soul, who will greet you with warmth and surround you in contagious laughter that is sure to bring a smile to your face.  As a powerful and compassionate intuitive, she offers you insight surrounding the events that are going on around you, extending guidance and reassurance about the next steps on your journey.  It is with great caring and concern that Stacylynn sets the intention for each intuitive session to be a healing experience that will help you to gain perspective on your current situation and be able to move forward with renewed inspiration, clarity and confidence.

Click here to book a 20 Minute Reading at the Wellness Fair with Stacylynn

Michelle Guillemette – Psychic Medium

Michelle has been reading for over 40 years. As a gifted psychic medium, a clairvoyant empath,

Michelle says she was born with the veil, the gift of sight, into the house of the craft, with practice of the old ways. She has led teaching lectures to groups on the paranormal, reading auras, helping with illness and finding direction in life. Michelle is well known throughout New England and within the reader community in Salem, MA, providing readings in tarot, tea leaves, palms and mediumship.

Click here to book a 20 Minute Reading at the Wellness Fair with Michelle

Teresa Baker-Opland – Psychic Medium

A certified Angel Messenger Practitioner, Teresa has studied the angels for over 15 years.  Her deep love for angels and continued faith and study allows her to maintain a high vibration connection to the angelic realm.  Teresa is a healer, intuitive medium, and compassionate person who understands what it means to live a life of service.  As a proud member of our active military, Teresa believes in bringing the core values of integrity, service-before-self and honor into all that she does.

Click here to book a 20 Minute Reading at the Wellness Fair with Teresa Baker-Opland

Kristen Stefiuk – Psychic Medium

Kristen Stefiuk is an intuitive empath who strives to help people overcome life’s struggles and connect with their loved ones here and on the other side. Through the use of crystals, oracle cards and her intuitive guidance, Kristen hopes to guide, support and teach you the tools you need on your self-healing journey. Her training as an Advanced Angel Practitioner, Reiki Master, Angelic Medium and Soul Ascension Therapist helps Kristen stay in tune with her own intuition and higher power, supporting her ability to tap into the support and guidance that can help others tap into their body’s innate ability to heal, and awaken their mind, body and soul.

Click here to book a 20 Minute Reading at the Wellness Fair with Kristen Stefiuk