Zeolites are a group of stones that belong to the Tectosilicate subclass group of minerals. Tectosilicate minerals are simply stones that share their oxygen atoms with other groups to create 3-deminisional rock formations, they make up the majority of Earth’s crust. Included in this subclass are Zeolites. Zeolites often grow in the crevasses of volcanoes, and vary greatly in size and shape. There are about 45 different types of minerals that classify as Zeolite. Among these 45 types, the majority of those seen in crystal shops are apophyllite, Stillbite, and Heulandite.

Zeolites as a group are excellent healing stones that help detoxify the body, strengthen the immune system, clear energetic pathways that are resulting in dis-ease of the body, and allow us to find our inner strength that exists in all of us. Zeolites are very helpful at overcoming addiction or negative thought patterns and behaviors. Spiritually and emotionally, Zeolites contribute to setting healthy boundaries and releasing toxic energy that may be in our lives. Zeolites allow for a protective shield to form around the aura that will help deflect negative energy away from the body. This stone is especially helpful for people that are sensitive to energy, practice energy work, or who are developing their intuitive or psychic abilities. There are about 46 types of zeolites that make up the majority of Earth’s crust, and among these are a crystal called apophyllite.

Apophyllite can come in multiple colors, but the main colors are clear/white, blue, and green. Physically, apophyllite may help the respiratory system, relieve allergies, and promote a moisturized and healthy skin complexion. Along with self-care and a healthy life style, apophyllite may help fight against cancers allowing the body to restore harmony and balance within itself. Apophyllite is a very spiritual stone which can help cleanse and unblock each chakra. Apophyllite can help assist in achieving higher levels of relaxation and meditation to promote healing on a deep cellular level. This stone is very helpful at overcoming fear, grief, and heartache. While working with Reiki and other energy work, apophyllite helps the healer to step out of his/her ego more easily to encourage the natural universal energy to flow more easily. This stone helps those working at developing their intuitive abilities. Apophyllite’s crystals, like most other types of zeolites, give off a very protective energy. Apophyllite offers protection and cuts ties of things that tend to drain our energy such as negative thought patters and behaviors, people or situations. It helps us distance ourselves from challenges of everyday life so we can shift to an introspective point of view. This crystal is also beneficial when it comes to setting energetic boundaries to be able to separate ourselves from daily life. Using this crystal next to a bedside table, or at an entry way help leave the outside world out and may also encourage better sleep.

Stilbite- Stilbite is a heart chakra stone that derives from the Greek work “stil bein” which means “to shine.” Much like it’s name, stilbite encourages and welcomes joy, laughter, and lightheartedness back into your life. It allows us to cultivate the natural happiness and love that helps us accept ourselves and others. Stilbite, like apophyllite, is very helpful as strengthening the respiratory system and with the regeneration of a healthy complexion. This stone also helps assist in balancing our both hemispheres in the brain which may lead to more balanced moods and restful sleeps. While used in spiritual practice or meditation, Stilbite helps us access our past lives and highlights karmic lessons we may be learning during this lifetime. This stone is a direct link to our Spiritual Guides, and can help show us the way when we feel we are lost.

Heulandite and Heulandite on Mordenite- Heulandite is another member of the zeolite family that can vary in color from white to peach, brown, red, and green. This stone strengthens the circulatory system and can help detoxify the blood. Heulandite is also beneficial for asthma, disorders in the feet, varicose veins, and mobility specifically in the lower parts of the body. Similar to other types of zeolite, Heulandite helps one reach deeper meditative states and stimulates both brain hemispheres. This stone is very helpful to overcome loss or grief, and to replace it with a better understanding of seemingly negative circumstances. Heulandite works with the third eye chakra to assist with dream and vision interpretation as well as intuitive development.