Zebra jasper is a crystal that I often keep in my work bag, home office, and even my car. Life can sometimes feel chaotic, and this can cause us to feel out of balance. Personally, I find myself reflecting on this mostly when I am driving or just relaxing after work. This is when these feelings of imbalance and anxiety make themselves know to me. Zebra jasper helps me remember that the balance that exists within me does not have to depend on what is happening around me, but rather starts with me.

This crystal helps us restore harmony and balance within ourselves to better handle the curve balls of our lives. Zebra Jasper provides a grounding energy that encourages pausing before reacting, and also helps with emotional overload. This crystal also helps protect our energy field helping us feel safe, grounded, and protected. Zebra jasper assists us with adapting the perspective that life, situations and emotions aren’t just black and white, but various shades of color in between. This inspirational stone helps us find our own unique creative outlets, and is especially helpful for writers facing any type of writing block.

Along with instilling a sense of security and balance, this stone may help alleviate muscle spasms and heart palpitations. This crystal works with strengthening the cardiovascular system, bones, joints, and muscles. This is a great crystal to use for building physical endurance and for recovering from injuries or strains to muscles. Zebra jasper may help assist with pain associated with arthritis or any other type of joint degenerating illnesses.
Jasper is a stone that comes in a variety of colors and textures and can form almost anywhere. Although beginning as a fine grained quartz, jasper will always include various other minerals. Once these particular solidify, they form jasper. Depending on which minerals were suspended within the quartz will signify the color and type of jasper that ultimately forms.