To learn more about smoky quartz, we turned to our in-house crystal aficionado, Amy Rufiange for her input:

“Smoky quartz is one crystal that is kept in almost every room of my house, and also travels with me pretty much everywhere I go. From stress to anxiety, smoky quartz helps me release pent up emotions from my bad days, as well as stir up a deeper appreciation for my good days. This crystal helps me remember that life is not always light-hearted fun, but that that is okay! Having days where things don’t feel perfect is normal, and crystals like smoky quartz will help shine some light on whatever isn’t feeling good within me in that moment. This helps me remember that all the uncomfortable moments in life pass.

 I will often pair smoky quartz with clear quartz to help synchronize harmony and a sense of balance throughout my home and in my life. These crystals when paired create a yin-yang balanced energy connection, but also serve to emphasize duality in life. This idea of duality is the thought that every scenario has two parts, and they are often opposite of each other. Thinking of it like Isaac Newton’s third law of motion, for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. This is the same energy I feel is created with combining the crystals smoky quartz with clear quartz. Clear quartz is representing the light, good, magical feelings found in life; whereas smoky quartz represents the more challenging parts of life. Both parts are equally important. To appreciate the lighter parts of life and of ourselves, it’s important to dive into those corners of ourselves and life as well. Smoky quartz helps make this process easier, and provides some calming and grounding energy when challenging parts of life become overwhelming. 

Smoky Quartz crystals also have been known to help assist the body in healing from physical ailments. Helping stimulate the synovial fluid in the joints, Smoky Quartz can help ease joint pain particularly in the ankles, wrists, feet, knees and hands. These crystals help restore physical energy back into the body which promotes alertness and eliminates fatigue. Along with that, smoky quartz assists with overcoming grief, negativity, depression, anxiety, despair and anger all while helping promote relaxation and a sense of stability. This crystal coincides with the root chakra which aligns with stability, grounding, protection and security. 

Smoky Quartz is one of the many varieties of Quartz crystals. These are prismatic crystals that have pyramidal terminations, simply known as Quartz. Prismatic crystals have elongated shapes that form in longer rods, and pyramidal or bi-pyramidal terminations simply mean they grow into a pyramid shape. There are many different types of quartz crystals including amethyst, citrine, clear quartz, and lithium quartz. All of these stones are made up of mostly silicon dioxide, but sometimes other minerals grow within these quartz structures which contribute to this wide variety of quartz crystals.”

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