Self forgiveness is one of the most challenge in hurdles I have had to overcome. Not only has it required me to take a deep look at my actions, but accept the mistakes I have made and to let them go so I don’t feel guilt or shame that may have come from these mistakes. Using infinite has helped me overcome past challenges, or times where I didn’t use my best judgement. It has helped me accept these hardships as lessons so I can leave the past behind and continue to love and accept myself as I am today.

Infinite is an excellent stone for setting boundaries with ourselves. It keeps the intrusive thoughts at bay and replaces them with a sense of understanding and acceptance. Acceptance helps us gain control of our emotional reactions and strengthen our conflict resolution skills. It helps release baggage from previous relationships, and encourages overall healing of the heart. Supporting healthy eating habits and digestion, infinite helps with nutrient absorption contributing to overall wellness. This is a very supportive stone for those battling an eating disorder, Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia, and any other brain disorders that impact cognition.

Infinite will pair well with the crystal Rose Quartz. Both of these crystals work closely with the heart chakra to help heal emotional pain. While infinite works with self-forgiveness, rose quartz assists with self-love and compassion. When these two stones are paired, it helps us overcome our emotional pain all while filling us with love and understanding. Both of these crystals encourage natural joy that exists within us, and allows us to set all our negativity aside so we can focus more on positive aspects of life.