A quote from Amy in our crystal shop: “I have heard it said that the only consistent thing in life is change. As creatures of habit, change can automatically trigger our fight or flight response. Ever since I was a little girl, sudden changes have set off a title wave of resistance through my entire being. This has often left me feeling stressed out and overwhelmed. Overcoming this resistance to change is an ongoing challenge I work at everyday, because life is always going to change no matter how hard I hold onto the way things were. This is where Golden or Honey calcite has really come in handy.

Golden or honey calcite works to help us to view current situations from a higher point of view to help us understand why events unfold or change as they do, and why it is for the highest good. This crystal enhances our ability to accept the things we cannot change, and to find the will power to control what is in our abilities. Golden calcite also helps us cultivate our own power and self-worth. It encourages us learn how to stand up for ourselves in a way that is empowering to us and others. Through the cultivation of our inner power and strength, golden calcite inadvertently helps us achieve and manifest our goals. This stone is an excellent tool for meditation, helping us connect to our higher selves and sift through overwhelming times of change.

This crystal works closely with the Solar Plexus chakra which is located right in the center of our abdomen. Golden or Honey Calcite assists with digestion as well as issues revolving around eating, digestion and the absorption of nutrients. This crystal helps establish and maintain healthy eating habits that work to nourish our bodies. By helping with establishing healthy diets, this crystal can also help strengthen our immune system and work on lowering high acidity and inflammation in the body. When inflammation in lowered in the body, it may also help improve pain found in the joints as well.
Golden or Honey Calcite belongs to the calcite family of crystals which is one of the most common carbonate crystals. Calcite has many forms that comes in all different shapes, colors, names and densities. Along with being on a spectrum of colorful stones, other more common names of calcite include onyx, limestone, and marble. All calcite crystals are mostly made of sodium bicarbonate, and may be hard and dense such as Golden or Honey calcite, or extremely fibrous such as the very delicate Alabaster stone.”