Celestite is part of the quartz family, often seen in clusters or geodes. Celestite soothes frazzled nerves and centers the mind. This crystal works with sorting out our emotions so we can work through them instead of letting them linger and impact our state of being. This crystal can help dysfunctional relationships by promoting healthy communication, but also helps develop inner strength to do what is best for ourselves. Celestite is a stone that promotes spiritual development and heightens psychic abilities. Working with strengthening our connection to the Angelic Realm, Celestite raises our vibration by opening us to mindful meditation and inner peace.

This crystal also helps heal issues in the throat, mouth, and ears while helping improve balance and alleviate vertigo. Celestite works closely with emotional upsets, and physically assists with calming the impacts stress has on the body. Tension, inflammation, anxiety, and panic attacks can all be soothed with Celestite.

In yoga, there are tools called Niyamas which help create happiness and confidence when practiced. Among the Niyamas, there is one which is self-surrender, and this Niyama can be practiced with the help of Celestite. Self-surrender works with letting go and trusting in a higher power to help us through life. Celestite raises our vibration to help us feel more spiritually connected to the angelic realm, our guides, or whatever the source is labeled as. Self-surrender is also practiced when we pause, step back and observe emotions and situations before reacting. Celestite assists with this by helping us take that extra moment to pause and review our current situation so we can act in a way that helps everyone involved.