At Windsoul Wellness Center, we believe that there is an amazing place of peace and tranquility that resides inside each of us.  As a society, we lead fast paced lives, filled with electronic input, distraction, and the endless challenges that often keep us from prioritizing our own personal well-being.  It is our mission at Windsoul Wellness Center to share the practices of yoga, meditation and energy healing with our local community.  It is our hope to help others learn to connect with their breath, to gain a new awareness of their body, and each be able to slow the busy distraction of the mind.

It is with an open heart and an air of friendship, laughter and compassion that each of our instructors share the practices that they each believe so deeply in.  To each of us, yoga is not just an exercise, it is a path to peace; it’s a way of life.  The asana practice (poses) are as beneficial to our physical body as the pranayama (breath-work) and meditation are to our state-of-mind and overall wellness.  It is the combination of synchronized breath and movement in yoga that helps to cultivate our ability to detach from stress, calm our nervous system and refresh our perspective.

It is our great honor to share in the yoga journey of our members, but an even greater honor when they also entrust us to share the practices of yoga and meditation with their children.  Through breath, movement, laughter and love, teaching yoga helps children to pave a path to their own place of inner peace.  As they grow into adulthood, this path is always a place they can return to regain their sense of calm.  Whether it is a breathing exercise, a balancing pose or the memory of favorite storybook of kindness, we hope to provide the stones they will use to line a path to their own inner sanctuary.

It is in the quiet space of our own spirit that we hope all who enter our studio can see that they are each exactly who they need to be.  We are all a bright and beautiful piece of the light that connects us all, each with unique and powerful gifts to share in life.  We look forward to continuing to share in the peace and light of all of our studio family for many years to come.


Gail & Steve Lachs & all of the Windsoul Wellness Center Team