Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

For the past eight years, Priscilla has been busy researching and educating herself in all aspects of health and nutrition trying to heal her own increasing health issues, especially those associated with menopause. Conventional medicine was treating the symptoms but not the underlying cause.

In the process of finding healing for herself, she developed a passion to share this knowledge and experience with individuals who may be finding themselves in the same situation. On your journey to seeking health, not only will you discover healing and renewed vitality but, restoration.

Her past experience in education and management help to round out her skills in teaching individuals how to achieve optimal health through nutrition, movement and emotional wellness, by delving deep into the underlying cause of their health issues. She feels such joy each time she thinks about the privilege she has to partner with individuals and families on their unique health quest.

Priscilla is a soul deep, New Englander, who loves fall and winter, being active outdoors and strength training. She lives in Hudson, NH with her husband, is a mom of two married adult children and has three wonderful grandchildren. Life is good!