Certified Kripalu 500-hour Yoga Teacher

Certified Kripalu Vinyasa Instructor

Dwight found his path to yoga in search of building core strength, flexibility and personal growth.  What he discovered along the way was that the foundation of this new path brought about a transformational journey that continued to deepen over time.  Dwight’s continued exploration of various yoga practices and philosophies led him to the renowned Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Western Massachusetts, where he discovered a home for learning about the teachings of yoga and mindfulness and eventually a path to teaching.

Dwight blends the Ayurvedic teachings of self-care and balance with practices of a healthy lifestyle to help others find their own inner harmony, growth and freedom.  His yoga teachings and practice are deeply rooted in the many different facets of yoga, blending traditions from Kripalu’s vinyasa, Jiva Mukti, and power yoga into a spirited practice of  mind-body awareness.  As a certified Kripalu 500-hour Vinyasa instructor, Dwight will lead you through a practice that emphasizes form in flow, tying pranayama (breath-work) with asana (postures) and dhyana (meditation) for a joyful mind-body experience.