200-hour Yoga Alliance certified instructor

Kara was first introduced to yoga in her teens as a way to improve posture and cultivate the body-mindconnection. She felt an immediate connection to yoga, lighting a spark within her that eventually developed into a dedicated practice shortly after her college years

A middle school teacher by day, Kara brings the same light-hearted sense of enthusiasm and compassion from her school room into her yoga classes. As a recovering perfectionist, she is a firm believer in taking the lessons of yoga off the mat and out into the real world. She strives to encourage you that we are all perfectly imperfect and a true yoga practice is for everyone, not just flexible models on Instagram.

Kara welcomes her students with genuine warmth and kindness, reminding them that yoga is a practice where we can let go of expectation and the need for perfection. She invites her students to listen to their bodies and offers modifications to allow them to truly feel the benefit of their practice each time they step on the mat. While practicing with Kara, you can expect that she will encourage you to embrace the opportunity to create calm in the mind and cultivate a renewed awareness of the body through breath and movement.

Kara is a 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified instructor, completing her training at Windsoul Studio in 2017 under the mentorship of Gail Lachs. She attuned as a Reiki healer in the Usui tradition in 2016 with Diane Vandette. Kara’s degrees in Education also compliment her skills as a yoga instructor, leading both our adult and children’s classes.

On the days when you don’t find Kara’s bright smile greeting you at our front desk or leading practice from her mat, you can probably find her at the bookstore, buying too many books.